Revelation Pharma Expands Portfolio with Acquisition of Compounding Preparations Book of Business from Mobley Rx Labs

Tampa, FL – Revelation Pharma, a national network of 503A and 503B compounding pharmacies, proudly announces its most recent acquisition of the compounding preparations book of business from Mobley Rx Labs, a permitted pharmacy under Mobley Drugs. This strategic move is aligned with Revelation Pharma's commitment to enhancing its product offerings and providing innovative healthcare solutions for patients across the nation.

Mobley Drugs will remain open, serving its valued retail segment patients with the same dedication and commitment to quality that they have come to expect. The acquisition exclusively pertains to the compounding preparations aspect of Mobley Rx Labs, which will now be transitioned to Stanley Specialty Pharmacy, a trusted name in the pharmacy industry known for its excellence in compounding services!

The integration of Mobley Rx Labs' compounding preparations book of business into Stanley Specialty Pharmacy will further strengthen Revelation Pharma's position in the market and allow for a broader range of specialized pharmaceutical offerings to patients in South Carolina.

Revelation Pharma's CEO, Shawn Hodges PharmD, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, "Our Stanley Specialty Pharmacy team is excited to welcome the patients from Mobley Rx Labs! We are excited about the opportunity to work with these patients and providers while continuing to deliver exceptional compounded therapies. This acquisition represents a significant step forward in our commitment to expanding our pharmacy portfolio!"

Mobley Drugs will continue to provide outstanding retail services. The transition of compounding preparations to Stanley Specialty Pharmacy is expected to be seamless, with both companies working closely to ensure uninterrupted service for existing and future patients.

About Revelation Pharma
Revelation Pharma is a forward-thinking network of compounding pharmacies dedicated to providing innovative medication solutions and personalized care. With a focus on compounding services, Revelation Pharma aims to improve patient outcomes by delivering tailored medications that address individual needs.

About Mobley Rx Labs
Mobley Rx Labs, a permitted pharmacy at Mobley Drugs has provided compounded preparations to the region of Lancaster, South Carolina since 1981. Owner Hugh Mobley will own and operate the retail segment of Mobley Drugs. 

Olivia Scott
Marketing Director of Mergers and Acquisitions