For Prescribers

Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy is your partner in providing specialized, custom-made prescriptions. The art and science of compounding is as old as the practice of medicine itself. RVCRX prides itself on providing high-quality, customized preparations to help treat your patients. We always work closely with the prescriber and patient to ensure optimal health outcomes.

Patient follow-through

Medicines don’t work in patients who don’t take them.

All health care providers struggle with keeping their patients compliant with prescribed therapies. Our pharmacists can work with you and your patients to improve patient follow-through. We can combine medications into single dosage forms, add flavoring, provide allergen-free formulations, and more.


Independent laboratory testing

Our pharmacy routinely validates our procedures and preparations with independent laboratory testing to ensure sterility and potency. Our comprehensive quality program ensures your patients receive preparations that meet USP requirements.

Innovative Therapies

Compounding pharmacies are often on the cutting-edge, helping prescribers use treatments that are not commercially available. Physicians often call asking about a therapy found in a recent journal article or recommended by guidelines or thought-leaders in their speciality. Ask us today how we can help give your patients access to a full complement of customized therapy.